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2021 UPDATED with Bang: 8 Hairstyles for Short “Baby” Bangs


‘Baby bangs’, the new trend in bangs

The new fashion bangs cut will surprise you. Under the name of ‘Baby bang’, or ‘minimal’ , a straight and very short bangs are born between hair trends , more or less at the height of the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrows. A look that comes to trends as one of the protagonist haircuts of this year.

In this way the bangs are the same as always only more short and, therefore, more comfortable. It won’t take you so long to comb your hair, nor will you have to endure getting your hair in your eyes. Also with this cut you will go to the last one since it is sweeping the celebrities and models . Sounds great, right?

Doesn’t it sound to you? This bangs were fashionable in the 70s, where the best Hollywood actresses and singers already wore it. Currently, other celebrities and movie stars such as Emma Watson , whom we could see wearing bangs at the Golden Globes gala, Emma Roberts, actress Sofia Boutella, Alison Sudol or our Úrsula Corberó , among others, recall this look.

One of the advantages of this type of cut is that it will highlight your features and rejuvenate your face . However, its great disadvantage is undoubtedly care. You will have to cut it frequently to keep it in perfect condition. And to comb it? If you have straight hair, you can let it air dry. If you have it wavy, running the dryer is more than enough! While, if you have curly hair, you can comb it with some irons.

Yes! You will have to be careful and consult your hairdresser before cheering, as this type of bangs does not favor everyone . In this sense, if you have an elongated, oval face or large eyebrows and eyes, it will feel great. If on the contrary, you do not have these features, our recommendation is that you consult. It will also make you ideal if you have very short hair, since it will show your features completely. Another option that also favors the face is to wear it with a XXL mane.

Due to its versatility and ease, the bangs ‘Baby bang’ is crowned as the star look of the next spring-summer season of 2020 , although we have to admit that more risky than we are used to . And you? Would you dare


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