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After Super Tuesday 2020: Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates

After Super Tuesday 2020: Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates

“Super Tuesday” marked the return of Joe Biden, who could win in at least 10 states. Bernie Sanders won California, the state with the most delegates.

The return of the old favorite. “Super Tuesday”, the day marking the primaries with 16 elections and 1358 delegates to distribute, marked the comeback of Joe Biden, returned from a very bad start to the primaries. Benefiting from the withdrawals of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, who quickly gave him their support , the former vice-president appears to be the only one capable of countering Bernie Sanders and his good results in the first elections. If he should win in California, the independent senator from Vermont would win only four states, in which he obtains worse results compared to the primaries of 2016 – where they were only two major candidates, against four this year .

The results of this night should help rebuild the primaries: Michael Bloomberg, who spent more than half a billion dollars and has obtained (so far) only 9 delegates after having bet everything on this “Super Tuesday” “Will he join Joe Biden to conquer the centrist electorate he has dispelled and defeat Donald Trump? Will Elizabeth Warren, who came third in the state of which she is a senator, switch to Bernie Sanders, her longtime friend and representative of a popular movement from the left of the Democratic Party? Tulsi Gabbard, free electron of these democratic primaries, comes without surprise in last position, with only one delegate.

These primary Democrats, who counted up to more than 20 candidates, now only have two able to be the party’s representative for the election on November 3.

California Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
It was “the” race to win that night: California and its 416 delegates. Unsurprisingly, Bernie Sanders leads – so far – in the lead with 29% of the vote, ahead of Joe Biden at 20% and Michael Bloomberg at 18%. Elizabeth Warren is left behind in fourth place with 12% of the vote. The final results should be announced in the coming hours. In 2016, there were only two main candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and the former secretary of state won with 53.4% ​​of the vote against 45.7% for Bernie Sanders.

Texas Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
The other crown jewel of “Super Tuesday”, with its 228 delegates. And Joe Biden officially wins with 33% against 29% for Bernie Sanders (there was 33.2% in 2016), a surprise of the evening for which the former vice-president can thank the popular Beto O’Rourke who supported him. The rest of the results are similar to California: the former mayor of New York at 16% and the senator from Massachusetts at 12%.

North Carolina Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
As in neighboring South Carolina, where his massive victory allowed him to overturn the table, Joe Biden was able to mobilize among the African-American electorate: he came largely ahead with 43% of the votes, with 19 points ahead on Bernie Sanders (24%). An important victory in this State which counts 110 delegates.

Virginia Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
Joe Biden achieved his second best score of the evening with 53.3% of the vote, 30 points ahead of Bernie Sanders at 23.1% and more than 40 points ahead of Elizabeth Warren at 10.8%. An important victory in this State which counts 99 delegates.

Massachusetts Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
Elizabeth Warren is the senator of this state with 91 delegates but she only came in third position with 21.4% of the votes, behind Joe Biden (33.1%) and Bernie Sanders (26.5%).

Minnesota Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
This Midwestern state, whose 75 delegates were promised to Bernie Sanders, rocked: Joe Biden obtains 39% of the votes there, 24 hours after the rallying of Amy Klobuchar, senator of Minnesota, with him. Bernie Sanders still achieves a good score there with 30% of the votes, but far from the success he had there in 2016 against Hillary Clinton with a score of 61.6%. The failure of the night for Michael Bloomberg, fourth with 8% of the vote and edged by Elizabeth Warren at 15%.

Colorado Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
One of the four states that placed Bernie Sanders at the head: he obtained 36% of the votes (against 59% in 2016), ahead of Joe Biden (23%) closely followed by Michael Bloomberg (21%). Elizabeth Warren obtains 17% of the votes there. Colorado has 67 delegates.

Tennessee Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
“Super Tuesday” was marked by a storm that killed 25 people in the Nashville area on Monday. Democratic voters massively mobilized for Joe Biden: he obtained 42% of the votes, Bernie Sanders 25%. The following order is similar to the other elections: Michael Bloomberg (15.5%) then Elizabeth Warren (10.4%).

Alabama Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
The biggest advance of all this “Super Tuesday”: the former vice-president captured 63.2% of the vote, far outstripping his competitors. Bernie Sanders is 16.5%, Michael Bloomberg 11.7% and Elizabeth Warren 5.7%, his worst score of the evening among the voting states.

Arkansas Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
The stronghold of Bill Clinton benefited Joe Biden: he collected 40.5% of the votes, against 22.4% for Bernie Sanders, 16.7% for Michael Bloomberg and 10% for Elizabeth Warren.

Oklahoma Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
With 37 delegates, Oklahoma is not a major state but it also allowed Joe Biden to count a new victory: he garnered 38.7% of the votes, against 25.4% for Bernie Sanders. Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Sanders follow each other, with respectively 13.9 and 13.4% of the vote.

Utah Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
Another victory for Bernie Sanders in Utah, neighbor of Colorado, for 29 delegates: he gathered double the votes of Joe Biden, with 34.6% against 17.1%. Michael Bloomberg is third (16.9%) and Elizabeth Warren fourth (15.4%). In 2016, the senator had obtained 79.3% of the votes against Hillary Clinton.

Maine Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
Like California, results are long overdue in Maine to assign its 24 delegates. Joe Biden has a short lead with 33.8% of the vote, out of 71% of the votes counted, against 32.2% for Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren obtains 16.6% of the votes and Michael Bloomberg 12%.

Vermont Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
It is the only state in which Bernie Sanders has such a lead – he has been a senator since 2007, he has been elected there since 1981. He collected 51% of the votes, against 22% for Joe Biden, still a poor performance compared to 2016: he had obtained 86.1% of the votes against Hillary Clinton. It is also one of the few states where Elizabeth Warren comes third – she is the senator from the neighboring state – with 13% of the vote, against 9% for Michael Bloomberg.

American Samoa Democratic Delegate Count Superdelegates
The most singular result of the evening came from this unincorporated territory located in Oceania: it was the only victory of Michael Bloomberg, who came first ahead of Tulsi Gabbard, who achieved his best performance of the evening there.

Americans from abroad are the 16th and last election of this “Super Tuesday”, but it takes place throughout the week week, until March 10.

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