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14 Feb, 2021

Words of Wonders (WOW) Daily Puzzle 14 February 2021 Answers

Welcome the WOW daily answers blog post. You can easily solve your daily puzzle today...

24 Jan, 2021

Ed Gein Human Art: The Murderer Who Inspired “Psycho” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

Ed Gein human art… Horror… The Wisconsin police could not believe the elements that decorated...

24 Jan, 2021

45+ Hard Questions to Answer: The Hardest Questions (2021 UPDATED)

Would you rather hard questions? We created a list of hard questions to answer. You...

6 Jan, 2021

(ALL VIDEOS) Protesters breach Capitol as Congress certifies Biden’s win

Thousands of President Trump’s supporters are in Washington for rallies Wednesday to falsely assert that...

14 Dec, 2020

Gmail, Google and YouTube Down: Services Crash for Users Worldwide

They’re some of the most popular apps and services around the world, but it appears...

19 Nov, 2020

(SOLVED) MacOS Big Sur: “an error occurred while installing the selected updates”

Apple released macOS Big Sur to the public, and since the software was released, it...

4 Nov, 2020

The Funniest and Most Engaged Tweets about US Elections 2020

Here are the most engaged tweets of US elections 2020. (The data is based on...

4 Nov, 2020

Sisterhood is celebrating winning “BIDEN WINS NV AND MI”

Everything started with this tweet; credit: We won, our ideas are bulletproof! CONGRATS SISTERHOOD!

4 Nov, 2020

Joe Biden is Talking LIVE at Delaware

You can watch CNN Live on the link below. Joe Biden is talking at Delaware.

4 Nov, 2020

Chris Jericho posted a tweet about elections and got a lot of reactions!

Chris Jericho took to Twitter this morning to share a misleading tweet about the election....

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