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Biden leads Michigan and Wisconsin, states that can shape elections

Biden leads Michigan and Wisconsin, states that can shape elections

The Democrat overtook Donald Trump in the counting of the two key states, considered of great importance for the definition of the next president of the United States.

Democratic party candidate Joe Biden is leading, albeit with small margins, the vote in two key states for the United States presidential election . In Michigan, 49.4% of the votes are in favor of him, against 49.1% of the votes for President Donald Trump . Wisconsin, on the other hand, has 49.6% of choices favorable to the Democrat and 48.9% to the Republican. The two locations have already accounted for 95% of their ballots by 12:30 pm Brasília time on Wednesday (4). In the 2016 elections, both states broke with expectations by electing Trump for the presidency, thus breaking a long history of preference for Democrats.

Biden’s advantage in Michigan and Wisconsin can be enhanced by the start of counting the votes sent by mail, as it is estimated that most people who voted in this way are in favor of the Democratic party. The expectation is that this factor will also favor a turn of Biden over Trump in Georgia, where so far the Republican leads with 50.5%. These achievements became essential to the Democratic campaign after the defeat in Florida and Ohio, where Biden hoped to win.

The United States is still waiting for the results in Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, where the counting of votes may still be delayed. According to the American newspaper The New York Times, the longest delay in the country is being that of Pennsylvania, which until the morning of this Wednesday (4) had only counted 5.3 million votes. So far, 54% of that state’s votes are in favor of Trump, compared to 44.8% of votes for Biden.

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