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Do Coronavirus Make Tonsillitis? SHOCKING Facts About Coronavirus Tonsillitis!

Do Coronavirus Make Tonsillitis? SHOCKING Facts About Coronavirus Tonsillitis!

The tonsillitis or tonsillitis is the inflammation of one or both tonsils (oval masses of large, fleshy, tissue are in the side wall of the oropharynx to each side of the throat). These clusters of tissue contain cells that make antibodies useful in fighting infection.

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Tonsillitis , from the Latin amygdăla , almond, and this from the Greek ἀμυγδάλη, 1 really means “inflammation of one or more lymphatic tonsils”. 2 Although in this case it refers, in a restricted way, only to the inflammation of the palatine tonsils.


Anginas is a commonly accepted colloquial expression. Tonsillitis (from the Latin tonsillae , from where also the Spanish tonsil ) is the common form used in English and as a medical term in German , tonsillite that of use in Italian and tonsilite , together with amygdalite , in Portuguese .

In medical practice the terms acute tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis , and acute pharyngotonsillitis are used interchangeably.


Many microorganisms ( viruses and bacteria ) can cause tonsillitis; These include the following:

Globally, viruses cause about 2 out of 3 cases of tonsillitis. The age of maximum incidence of bacterially caused tonsillitis ( Streptococcus pyogenes ) is 3 to 15 years.

Clinical picture

Acute tonsillitis is manifested by:

  • Local pain ( odynophagia ) that can be severe
  • Fever and general malaise
  • Hoarse voice
  • Painful cervical lymphadenopathy
  • Swallowing difficulty ( dysphagia )
  • When tonsillitis is viral, it can accompany: cough , rhinitis or runny nose , aphonia and conjunctivitis and coronavirus(covid-19).

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