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Drake’s Toosie Slide: the sneakers you need to do the fashionable dance around the artist’s amazing house

Drake’s Toosie Slide: the sneakers you need to do the fashionable dance around the artist’s amazing house

Right foot forward and to the side. Left foot forward and slide. You already know how to do the Toosie Slide . That’s worth at least 50 minipoints in the mole league on TikTok.

Now that having more free time has made so many people turn to the video social network for entertainment, Drake has created what will be the choreography of the month. And, beware, learn it, because we will probably last fever and the desire to exhibit the Toosie Slide until summer.

The Toosie Slide dance

on video the song, Drake gives us a tour through the hyper-polished surface rooms of his Toronto mansion. Because working from home is also making video clips from home.

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Passing through huge hallways, club rooms, marble kitchens and even a tribute to Kobe Bryant ] which translates into their T-shirts with 8 and 24 displayed on a table, we are discovering the choreography.

The lyrics of the song literally says: “I have a dance, but the truth is that it is shit from the street. I am going to teach you how to do it: the right foot goes , the left foot slides . Left foot up, right foot sliding. Basically I say that we are about to slide to either side. ” And, well, Drake lives up to his words. Now you just need a little art and, if you want to do it like an expert, raise your hands as you slide. You are ready to conquer TikTok .

The one Toosie the song talks about is a influencer of Atlanta which, by the way , he had already shared his own video doing the same.

The look (and the sneakers) that appear in the Toosie Slide

For the video of the Toosie Slide, Drake has opted for a total black look broken by a camouflage jacket. The bomber in question, for whom we are already drooling, is the Riot Riot Riot! by Raf Simons.

Although the song talks about a “Nike shoulder bag,” Drake does not carry any type of bag in the video. What it does wear, and very well, is Swoosh cold weather gear (balaclava included) as well as some Nike Air Max 98 from the house.

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