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El Hoyo, a Netflix movie: its director explains the controversial ending

El Hoyo, a Netflix movie: its director explains the controversial ending

The Pit, the Netflix movie that has triumphed around the world , is the best Spanish film you can see right now , without a doubt. If you have not yet put it on, you already have a plan for this weekend and if you are one of those who have already seen it, you will surely keep wondering what that ending meant.

Its director, Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia , finally has explained in an interview the end of El Hoyo , and it may not be what many had imagined. From now on there will be spoilers about the Netflix movie , so if you haven’t seen it, be warned.

The story of El Hoyo is well understood until the end, where we all stay thinking about what happened. Basically, the characters are found in a jail where there are no bars or guards, only walls and two beds per level and a hole in the center where food comes down from the upper level.

This causes the people of El Hoyo to differ classes : those above are the ones with the most food and those below who have to kill themselves to eat.

When arrives, the protagonist , and discovers the reality of this prison, decides to do a [ 19459019] change in the distribution of food to try to save those below, and in the end, if those from above did not eat as much and distributed a little more, everyone could live.

Is this a criticism of capitalism vs socialism?

Yes, according to its director it is a criticism of everything. “ There may be a critique of capitalism from the start, but we show that as soon as Goreng and Baharat test socialism , trying to convince the other prisoners to voluntarily share their food, they end up killing half of those people, whom they are supposed to help

Goreng tries to send a girl from the lowest level to the kitchens where the food to send a message and they know what is really happening, but in the end the only thing we see is how the protagonist of [19459288] El Hoyo ends up at the lowest level next to the partner who tried to kill him once.

Does this mean that nothing was accomplished? That Goreng finally died? What happened at the end of El Hoyo? “ For me, that lower level (333) does not exist. Goreng is dead before arriving and that is just his interpretation of what he felt he had to do Gaztelu-Urrutia told Digital Spy.

The outcome of El Hoyo is open for each viewer to interpret as they wish and to draw their own conclusions about what might have happened. If we understand him as its director, we can conclude that nothing really happened because Goreng was actually already dead at level 333.

Or maybe despite everything, although the plan did not It turned out perfect, yes Goreng and his partner managed to send the message and those above understood that they had to change the system … that already depends on each one.

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