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Fans Have a Theory: Peter Weber Bachelorette Spoilers LEAKED!

Fans Have a Theory: Peter Weber Bachelorette Spoilers LEAKED!

The two often recap episodes of The Bachelor franchise, and in discussing a recent episode of season 24 of Peter Weber, podcasters have raised a fan theory about the finale. Ambrose and Martinez think that Pilot Pete could follow in Luyendyk’s footsteps and change choices after the last rose. But do they have the receipts?

What will happen in the final of Peter Weber’s season “The Bachelor”?
Recently, Martinez and Ambrose discussed their final Bachelor theories on their podcast. They were shocked (and impressed) with the tenacity of Hannah Ann Sluss as a candidate.

“Whatever happens, I’m not leaving,” she told Weber during her date with Fantasy Suite.

“I wonder now if that foreshadows,” said Ambrose on Chatty Broads. ” Yes. ”Ambrose offered a possible final plot for The Bachelor Season 24.

“When we see the finale, is [Weber] running away to face potential things with Madi,” she predicted, “and is Hannah going to be like, ‘I’m staying here whatever he is coming”. ”

The baccalaureate recapturer continued her hypothesis:

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Lyuendyk in The Bachelor | Paul Hebert / Walt Disney Television via.

Are we going to have an Arie-Becca-Lauren situation where [Weber] chooses Madi, then he ends up going with Hannah Ann, because he realizes that Madi and her lifestyle don’t match? But Hannah Ann is still here, as she says?

“Oh sh * t,” replied Martinez. “I didn’t even think about it.”

Will Pete pilot choose Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss? Fans have a theory

“Do you know what I heard?” Ambrose continued. “I remember seeing this on Instagram.” She explained the theory of license fans:

There are these two girls who have this crazy… theory. And it’s all related to the fact that the only season of The Bachelor they put on Netflix was the season of Jason, who was the OG to leave his original daughter for the second daughter.

Ambrose wonders “is it the foreshadowing?” Jason Mesnick broke up with his first choice in The Bachelor. He returned to his second choice, Molly Mesnick (formerly: Malaney) in “After the Finale Rose”.

“Are people going to come back and watch Jason’s season again, now?” Asked Martinez.

On the season of The Bachelor by Arie Luyendyk Jr., Jason Mesnick and Molly Mesnick visited the episode “After the Final Rose” | Paul Hebert / Walt Disney Television via.

“Yes,” replied Ambrose, “and maybe Jason will show up with Molly at ‘After the Final Rose. ”

“Again,” joked Martinez. Because of course, this is what happened on the season of Arie Luyendyk Jr. But Ambrose also pointed out that Luyendyk is also more involved in Bachelor Nation this season than it has been in the past. .

“This is the first season that Arie and Lauren cover with their little YouTube [videos],” said Ambrose. “I don’t know, guys.”

“And these are also two of the best successes,” said Martinez of the two singles who changed their final choice. Luyendyk and Mesnick, after exchanging their fiancé, stayed together. Which is quite an impressive feat for a single couple. And, that’s something ABC would certainly like to point out – especially if Weber does the same thing.

What do Weber’s parents think of his final choice among the competitors in season 24?

“Okay, but Peter spoke in interviews,” Martinez told his podcast co-host. “And didn’t he say in an interview:” I had known for weeks that it was her “, or something like that?”

“Yeah, but I could see him say that,” replied Ambrose. “Talk about his * ss.”

“Besides,” she continued, “I have that feeling now.” Is Barbra saying “bring her home; that’s what love stories are made of. “Is it filmed afterwards?” (As in, after recording of The Bachelor).

“I feel like no, but I hope so,” said Martinez.

Former “The Bachelor” candidate thinks Sluss is a better match for Peter Weber

“I’ll say it,” said Martinez. “After watching this whole week playing, Hannah Ann is the best choice for Peter.”

She explained her reasoning:

Their lifestyles match, their personalities match, what they are both looking for. In fact, I think about beliefs and other than that, I think there could be a conflict … with Madison and Peter because I sort of see her having problems with the fact that he often left, with travels.

Prewett, as Martinez reminded listeners, wants a husband who is “a spiritual leader.” But apart from the religious aspect, the bachelor alum guesses that Prewett wants “someone to be a leader in the household and to be present”.

Prewett, also supports Ambrose, has a “strong personality”.

“I could see her wanting to go get him in life,” says Ambrose. Which means: having your own career.

“How is she going to do this and leave him away for periods?” Martinez wondered about the Weber pilot calendar. “It seems he is often on the move.”

Portrait of Madison Prewett for The Bachelor | Maarten de Boer / ABC via.

“It works best with Hannah Ann,” says Martinez.

Was Prewett the final choice, Ambrose wondered, but “is he going after Hannah Ann because she’ll always be there?”

Since Chris Harrison said that Pilot Pete didn’t even know how this season of The Bachelor ended on “Women Tell All?” Everything is possible.

Do Venmo transactions predict the final episode of the 2023 “Bachelor” season?

In a more recent episode, the talkative seers highlighted the Venmo evidence. Apparently, Bachelor fans noticed that Weber and Sluss were interacting on Venmo about a month ago. However, more recently, these transactions were concluded between Pilot Pete and Prewett. This seems to be further proof that the bachelor chooses Sluss and changes his mind afterwards to follow his heart.

So maybe that tear of “bring home” from Weber’s mother is really about Prewett. Anyway, we can’t wait # BarbraGate2023.

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