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How to Raid on Twitch? A Complete Guide for 2020

How to Raid on Twitch? A Complete Guide for 2020

Twitch has a multitude of options for its streamers to support each other . Some of them are group streams , with which to play together and gain some visibility before the audience of their peers, or the host or accommodation , which allows you to redirect your audience to another broadcast, but staying on your channel. But how to raid on Twitch? Here is a great 2020 guide!

Today we are going to talk about an option very similar to the latter, the raids . This system is very similar to the host , since it serves to send your audience to another channel at the end of your broadcast simply by typing the / raid command followed by the channel you want to assign them to in your chat.

Once you type it, a button will appear that you can press after ten seconds to start the raid . If after 80 seconds you do not confirm its start or cancel it, it will start automatically. Meanwhile, your viewers will see a message that will let them know that you are going to take that action.

If, as a spectator, you are currently on the broadcast, you will be automatically sent to the raid , although if you do not want to go you can press the Exit button during the countdown – which will last 30 seconds – and you will stay on the channel you are watching habitually.

Once the raid is activated , in addition, the channel that has started it will go to host the destination, so in practice the differences with the host are very small . The only really remarkable one is, perhaps, that in the accommodation your audience stays together in your chat, while in the raid you all go to the destination channel.

This option has not been without controversy, since although it has a collaborative nature and is generally used with good intention, there have also been cases of streamers who have used it to harass other channels or, in general, to annoy.

To avoid this, you can either close your channel to raids or simply ‘ban’ to the channels that have caused you trouble . In addition, there is also the option to establish chat only for followers, so newcomers will not be able to enter the conversation.

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