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The first trans state senator in US history: Sarah McBride

The first trans state senator in US history: Sarah McBride

SAN FRANCISCO – Sarah McBride made history in the US elections by becoming the first openly transgender state senator in the country’s history, after winning a seat in the Upper House of the state of Delaware.

McBride, who will serve in the Senate of that state on the east coast of the United States and not in the federal Upper House, will also be the highest-ranking transgender official in the North American country.

“We have succeeded, we have won the elections. I hope tonight shows an LGBTQ child that our democracy is big enough for him too, ”the new Democratic state senator, who beat her Republican rival by a wide margin, said in a statement.

At 30, McBride has spent her entire life working in politics and activism and was a fellow at the White House during the Presidency of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

Before being elected senator in Delaware, the young politician had already made history by becoming in 2016 the first openly transgender person to give a speech at the Democratic National Convention, which on that occasion appointed Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.

“Whatever message the LGBTQ community receives tonight, that is not a message sent by me, but sent by the voters. I think that’s the most important thing for me and we all need to remember, ”McBride concluded.

In addition to electing the president, Americans on Tuesday elected 435 members of the House of Representatives and renewed a third of the 100 Senate seats, as well as numerous governors and legislators at the state level.

It is in the latter group that McBride sits, who will represent a small urban district in the northernmost part of Delaware in the state Senate.

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