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This is How Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Dress to be at Home

This is How Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Dress to be at Home

Everything between them seems idyllic (and indeed it is), but Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas still have different personalities. Fortunately; but after witnessing his love story, he ended up with two weddings ( the first , by surprise in Las Vegas after some Billboard awards; the definitive , in France and in style) and a possible pregnancy , anyone would say that the compatibility between the actress and the singer is overwhelming.

And it is probable that this is the case, but that does not imply that each one has his own space and priorities. Now that the two of them are together at home 24 hours a day (she, reading scripts and hugging her dog; he, playing with a DJ application), we have known that each one actually faces confinement in a quite different way .

The actress from Game of Thrones told Conan O’Brien via video conference. “ Everything is getting more comfortable for me because Joe is super sociable, so I’m always fighting for him to stay home and spend some time with me ,” Turner acknowledged. “It is a prison for him, but I love it.”

For the actress, staying at home is a pleasure. “I see that for many people it is proving hard, but I don’t understand why they have a hard time with the social distance. You just have to stay home and get drunk . It’s cool. ”

And how does Turner do it? In sweatpants. In fact, during the videoconference with O’Brien, she admits that she has not been doing so much for days, unlike her husband, who takes it differently. “I saw [a ‘meme’ that said] that ‘if you wear jeans at home, what does that say about you?’ And Joe does. Joe wears jeans to be at home ”.

Meanwhile, the actress prefers to follow the maxim of “ Business from above, fun from below “, and it seems to us another very respectable option.

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