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What is Gate.io Quantitative Trading? How to Use It and Earn Money Daily?

What is Gate.io Quantitative Trading? How to Use It and Earn Money Daily?

Today I’m going to tell you what is Gate.io quantitative trading and how can you use it. Ten thousand dollars is a huge amount money and hard to earn it. If you have a chance and good luck, you can earn this money with Gate.io Quantitive trading. But it depends with your risk. This not financial advice. 

You can start and try with small amount of your portfolio. Quantitive trading minimum deposit is depends on your grid size and technical analysis. Before we start, we must know what does it mean and how it works. You can choose your trading pair and trading modes to increase your profit. 


What is quantitative trading? 

Quantitative trading is based on grid trading. If you are familiar with Forex, you simply know what is grid trading. 

How does it work?

Before we start I must clarify this; I don’t recommend future quantitive trading for now, because if you don’t have money to lose or test; future options are high volatile and high risk. You can be easily liquadiated with small amount of money. Leverages and your grid sizes are very important. You need to make an in-depth research for this. We will continue with simple spot grid trading in this video.

Okay let’s continue;

Grid trading is when orders are placed above and below a set price, creating a grid of orders at incrementally increasing and decreasing prices. Grid trading is most commonly associated with the foreign exchange market. Overall the technique seeks to capitalize on normal price volatility in an asset by placing buy and sell orders at certain regular intervals above and below a predefined base price.

For example, a Gate.io trader could put buy orders every 15 bucks above a set price on Ethereum, while also putting sell orders every 15 bucks below that price. This takes advantages of trends. They could also place buy orders below a set price, and sell orders above. This takes advantages of ranging conditions.

To do this; You need to register on Gate.io and after than you need to go to Quantitive section. After you land on this page, you are going to see some strategies and profit rates. 

  • Grid trading involves placing buy and sell orders at set intervals around a set price.
  • The grid can be created to profit from trends or ranges.
  • To profit from trends, place buy orders at intervals above the set price, and sell orders below the set price.
  • To profit from ranges, place buy orders at intervals below the set price, and sell orders above the set price.

An advantage of grid trading is that it requires little forecasting of market direction and can be easily automated. Major drawbacks, however, are the possibility of incurring large losses if stop-loss limits are not adhered to and the complexity associated with running and/or closing multiple positions in a large grid.

You can set your break limit which explains the highest price you would like to stop, and stop loss; the minimum price you would like to end your quantitive grid trading on gate.io.

Let me explain with a scenario.

During the last days; SHIB is opened to trading on Gate.io. With new listing, investors are jumped in to SHIB project and started to buying. You researched and found SHIB is valuable for trading, it has a future. After your technical analysis and market watch; you saw some support and resistance prices. Just for an example; SHIB is moving between 1 to 2. 

Than your strategy is starting to work; but you need an automation for buying and selling prices, you don’t want to check graphs and analyses everytime, because you don’t! There is grid trading. 

In this scenario; You can probably open some buy and sell orders between 1 to 2 dollar. An example you opened a 8 grid sizes orders. If you main price is 1.50 now and you are expecting a fluctuation on prices to 1 dollar, you can put some orders with;

Buy 1 / 1.00

Buy 2 / 1.20 

Buy 3 / 1.40

Buy 4 / 1.60

Sel 1 / 1.40

Sell 2 / 1.60

Sell 3 / 1.80

Sell 4 / 2.00

Don’t forget, this is just for an example. You can choose every grid size buy and sell order amounts in your strategy. 

But it is not at all.

Gate.io has a perfect area in their website; the quantitative trading copy section. You can see which users are sharing their strategies and profits in public. You don’t have to set your own or AI based quantitive trading, you can just look for good profits and ready to use strategies. 

You should go with attention; you should simply divide total profit rate to 365 to clarify their daily earning. %100 percent does not mean they doubled their money in a day. Also if you use a user strategy, he or she will earn your %5 profit to their spot wallet.

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