Subway Catering Prices

Subway is the most popular sub sandwich fast food chain out there, and the best part is they also offer catering services. Subway catering prices are very affordable for your next party, holiday, picnic, sporting event, or business function. If you are not looking for catering prices, you can view the regular Subway menu prices instead. Some … Read more

Qdoba Catering Prices

Qdoba is a fast casual restaurant that offers Mexican-flavored foods such as tacos, nachos, and burritos. If you’re planning on throwing a party or event and need catering, Qdoba can help you there too. Qdoba catering prices are a little higher than other fast food catering services, so if your budget is lower, you might choose a … Read more

Panera Bread Catering Menu Prices

Panera Bread is a popular fast casual restaurant chain that specializes in sandwiches and bakery-style goodies. The best part is they also offer catering services so you can get their delicious food for your next party or event. Since you can pretty much get any regular menu item catered, Panera catering prices will be similar … Read more

Chipotle Catering Prices

Chipotle is the fancy fast casual restaurant that serves Mexican-inspired foods such as burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads. They also offer catering services, which your party’s guests will love. Chipotle catering prices are a little more expensive than other fast food restaurants that cater, but their quality justifies the higher price. If you are not … Read more

Chick-fil-A Catering Menu Prices 2022

Chick-fil-A is the popular fast food restaurant that specializes in chicken sandwiches and meals. For fans of Chick-fil-A, they will be delighted to find that Chick-fil-A also offers catering services. Chick-fil-A catering prices are a pretty good deal because you get a decent discount for ordering in bulk. If you are not looking for catering … Read more

Subway UK Menu Prices

Subway opened its first location in the United Kingdom 1996 in Brighton. Now, they have more than 1,700 Subway UK locations (including Ireland) and are continuing to expand. Subway UK serves menu items like Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, Signature Loaded Wraps, Pizza Subs, and Salads. They also have a Subway Savers menu that offers customers … Read more

Starbucks UK Menu Prices

The Starbucks franchise was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1998 with its first location in London. After quickly expanding throughout Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, there are approximately 1,000 locations in the UK, making it one of the largest coffee franchise in the United Kingdom. You can find Starbucks UK located in older, historic … Read more

Pizza Hut UK Menu Prices

Pizza Hut first opened in the United Kingdom in 1973 in Islington, London. It started off as a dine-in restaurant, but with growing demand, they began to offer delivery from many of their locations in 1988. When Pizza Hut came to the UK, the franchise spread rapidly. According to their website, they were “opening an average … Read more

McDonalds UK Menu Prices

McDonald’s opened its first location in the United Kingdom in 1974 in Woolwich, London. Since then, the fast-food chain has expanded to more than 1,270 locations in the UK and is one of the most popular places to grab a quick bite to eat. McDonald’s UK specializes in similar foods that are served in the … Read more

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices UK

Krispy Kreme is a doughnut and coffee shop that started in the United States in 1937. In 2002, the franchise expanded to the United Kingdom by opening its first location in London. The franchise has gone on to expand to more than 30 other locations in the UK, from stand-alone stores to shops inside of … Read more