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John Wick | Discover 10 curiosities about the film!

John Wick | Discover 10 curiosities about the film!

In early 2023, the third film John Wick hit theaters. John Wick: Parabellum has been a huge success, like the other films, and has already secured a fourth chapter for the plot. Also, the idea of ​​John Wick winning his own universe is slowly coming true, proving that fans want a lot more from the hit man.

But, have you ever stopped to think about some of the curiosities that surround one of the most popular franchises? Take a look at this article if you’re curious about the John Wick franchise, the killer known as Baba Yaga.

1. Photographic Memory

That Keanu Reeves gave a show on the big screen like John Wick, everyone knows it . But the most interesting thing is that the actor managed to memorize the fight sequence in the nightclub in the first movie in the franchise, Back to the Game.

Detail: All this the day the scene of the film was recorded. Keanu Reeves has shown that he is here to become the terrifying Baba Yaga.

2. No doubles

There are many Hollywood actors who choose not to use specialists and Keanu Reeves was one of them. In 90% of the fight scenes, the actor did not use doubles, doing all the sequences Wick was involved in.

If this is not throwing yourself into a movie, we don’t even want to imagine when he actually decides to do it!

3. John Wick in the games

John Wick’s success was such that he secured even a role in a famous game. In PayDay 2 , the killer even had a stake in the game, as part of an Easter egg that the developers put on the most enthusiastic fans.

In 2023, after the release of John Wick: Parabellum , the famous Fortnite game released a bundle of things related to the movie. In addition to Wick, Halle Berry character Sofia also gained space in the game. Only for those who can, right?

4. Reference to Matrix

Even with some good years separating Matrix John Wick , both films contain details that only a fan will understand. In addition to having some actors in common, Wick ends up dropping a phrase that may be quite familiar.

In John Wick: Parabellum , when the character says the phrase “Weapons. Many weapons” is a great reference to Reeves’ other character, the famous Neo. In The Matrix, the phrase is said after Tank asks Neo and he answers the question in the same way.

5. The same actors

Taking advantage of the mention of Matrix , why not also remember who was next to Keanu Reeves in John Wick ? In Another Day to Kill and Parabellum , we can see Laurence Fishburn giving her air of grace in the movies, once again working alongside Keanu Reeves, as the first was in [ 19459003] Matrix as Morpheus and Neo, respectively.

In addition to the actors, Chad Stahelski, who is the director of the franchise, also worked with the actors on The Matrix . At the time, Stahelski was in charge of the action scenes for the film, working alongside the Wachowski sisters responsible for the trilogy.

6. John Wick tattoo

In , we can quickly see a great tattoo that the character has on his back. The Latin phrase “Fortis Fortuna Aduivat” means “Fortune favors the risky.”

We cannot deny that this phrase is very John Wick, since the guy can hurt with a pencil and He is known to all hitmen as Baba Yaga.

7. What is Baba Yaga?

In the movies of the John Wick franchise, all hitmen and those involved in this world know the character, his fame is accompanied by a rather intriguing nickname: Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga is a popular Slavic witch , also known as Coco, who can live in isolation in a forest. Her relationship with John Wick arose because, like the character, the witch can help anyone who is loyal to her or destroy anyone who stands in her way. .

8. Where does the word P come from? arabellum?

Parabellum is the word that accompanies the third film in the franchise John Wick . But its meaning goes far beyond a simple subtitle that accompanies the third chapter of Baba Yaga’s story.

Parabellum is a word taken from a book that contains instructions on how the Roman Empire should act in war. The complete sentence means “Se vis pacem, parabélum”, translated into Portuguese: if you want peace, prepare for war.

9. Death toll

If you believe John Wick is known to be the most feared hitman in the world from the movies, we’ll give you one more reason to add the character as a franchise favorite. That’s because Wick killed no less than 306 people in the trilogy.

This is how you read, alone, the guy managed to kill more than 300 people. This number is higher than the victims of Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise . And it seems that this number will grow in 2023, when the new movie comes out.

10. Inspired by a true story

When we warn and say that messing with other people’s animals is not good, nobody believes it. And the living proof is here, since John Wick was inspired by a true story. That’s it, a story involving a dog was what inspired the plot of the film.

Marcus Lutrell, who lives in Texas, persecuted four men in four US states. USA after they shot their Labrador. But unlike Wick, the police finally caught the criminals and Lutrell forgave them when the bad guys were arrested for animal abuse. Strange!

Did you like the curiosities about John Wick ? What is your favorite title in the franchise?

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