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5 Pharmacist Tips Cope With Quarantine

5 Pharmacist Tips Cope With Quarantine
These days when we lead a different life than the one we are used to, it is good to listen to the advice of those who know the most. Although we are following the measures that are being decreed during confinement, we must also pay attention to the tips that professionals give us. For this reason, today we take note of the quarantine advice provided by the pharmaceutical Meritxell Martí . And it is that, at this time we should not neglect our health; sedentary lifestyle and bad habits can play a trick on us in the future if we do not take it into account.

The 5 tips for the quarantine of Meritxel Martí

1. Do not stockpile medications

More than advice, it is everyone’s obligation. “We should not worry about the stock of pharmacies because the laboratories do not cease their daily work. The supply of medicines is guaranteed ”. Meritxell also adds that it is important “not to panic, and buy with your head so as not to run out of pharmacies and thus avoid that the medicines expire at home”.

2. Take care of food

A complete and balanced diet is essential to maintain good health . The diet will be responsible for our immune system to be at full capacity and for this we must follow the recommendations of the WHO. ” That is: 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, reduce the consumption of saturated fats, and decrease the consumption of simple carbohydrates as well as that of red meat (once or twice a week), and increase the consumption of foods rich in fatty acids, and fiber.

Consejos para la cuarentena

Meritxell recalls that in the pharmacy we have “nutritional supplements that help our diet to be completely complete and guarantee a good state of the microbiota of the digestive system, improving its “Once the immune system, intestinal transit and the elimination of toxins and ensuring the proper functioning of the metabolic cycles of our body.” These are all multivitamin complexes, antioxidants and nutritional supplements.

3. Do not snack between meals.

Strive to remain calm and not fall for easy temptations. Being at home with excess food in the pantries can make us end up pecking more than we should if we are bored. Meritxell suggests that “ we can avoid this by moving away from the fridge, and without food in sight . As we can also help ourselves with satiating supplements such as glucomannan (hydratable fiber) or supplements such as saffron or tryptophan, which at the same time help decrease anxiety and avoid that anxious pecking. ”

Consejos para la cuarentena

4. Caring for the skin

With so much free time for us, Meritxell advises that “ is a good time to practice double facial cleansing. After the tonic, it is ideal to apply an ampoule and also the cream . In pharmacies we have products that are very affordable and easy to use. ”

This is the routine proposed by Meritxell: Apply a foam-type cleanser or soap without detergents that does not irritate the skin> A tonic> A serum with glycolic acid> A cream that works well for us day and night.

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5. Improve sleep

The stress and the fact of spending so many hours indoors, leads us to lose track of time. That is why I always recommend to carry out a routine , and get up every day with the alarm clock ”.

Similarly, to improve rest Meritxell advises “exercising at home, because it will help us clear our minds, and eliminate that feeling of laziness of being without doing anything.” Exercise is mental hygiene, improves endorphin levels as demonstrated.

“If we cannot sleep well, we should eliminate caffeine from our diet, as well as other activators in the body.” In addition, we must remember that “in the pharmacy we can find natural products, such as valerian or melatonin that will help us rest better, avoiding some not so beneficial drugs. Sleeping well is essential to stay healthy and active. ”

Consejos para la cuarentena

What do you think of these tips for quarantine? Were you already putting them into practice?

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