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A Great Critic: Flight 7500 Ending Explained

A Great Critic: Flight 7500 Ending Explained

Welcome to the wised’s movie critics section. We see some people looking for Flight 7500 ending and they have questions. Let’s see flight 7500 ending explained .

Flight 7500 towards Tokyo departs normally from Los Angeles. Among the passengers are Brad (Ryan Kwanten) and Pia (Amy Smart), a couple in crisis; Liz (Nicky Whelan) and Rick (Jerry Ferrara), a couple who is not in crisis but should; Jacinta (Scout Taylor-Compton), a sinister teenager, and Jake (Alex Frost), a thief. Also, he travels on the plane Lance (Rick Kelly), a lonely and enigmatic passenger who carries with him a wooden box that he treats with special care. A failure in cabin pressure causes cardiac arrest in Lance. From there, little by little, the atmosphere on the plane is darkening to the point that our group of passengers begin to believe the incredible: that there is a devilish spirit traveling with them …

A Quick Snapshot For The Movie

Original title: 7500
Nationality: Japan / USA | Year: 2014
Director: Takashi Shimizu
Script: Craig Rosenberg
Interpreters: Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Nicky Whelan
Argument/Topic: After the death of a passenger on the 7500 Tokyo destination flight, the other travelers will begin to suspect that there is a ghost in the plane.
IMDb: 4.8/10

7500 represents a new attempt at Japanese-American co-production with Takashi Shimizu in front, after the remakes of the originals, also directed by him, The Grudge (2004) and its sequel, two years later. On this occasion, the story is not his, but it is a script by Craig Rosenberg, who also signs “The Quiet Ones” (John Pogue) or “The Uninvited” (The Guard Brothers). The result, unfortunately, is quite unsatisfactory. Despite appearing as a 2014 production, it has been in stand by for almost two years(The expected release date was August 31, 2012). There are those who say that their premiere has been postponed in search of an appropriate date due to the constant aerial catastrophes; Some people blame it on the quality of the tape. The film, by the way, has two cuts, according to IMDB ; server has seen the shortest version, 85 minutes. Perhaps, the ten extra minutes provide more gore, or more elaborate scares, or perhaps some better locked speech; In any case, if I had to bet, I would say that 7500 did not leave the shelves of CBS Films because it does not reach the minimum.

And the case is that it does not start badly. It is true that, from the foregrounds, a certain impersonal air, as a custom movie for a director with an authoritative claim, blows the alarms. But it is also true that it is not a critical situation either: that is, thousands of films are counted, whose initial half-hour is routine but not being able to. In this, paradoxes of life, one may even end up feeling some sympathy for the unbearable couple formed by Liz and Rick, or concern for Mr. Lance and his wooden box. The two hostesses and their respective love stories are, from the outset, far removed from any interest. ANDat fifteen minutes of clock, with the precision of a manual script, the first turning point happens: depressurization of the cabin. The scene, in addition, is quite decent, and Shimizu surprises with some visual finding.

Hopes soar: maybe, when the movie goes to work, take flight …

For a moment, we are on our way: Lance suffers a heart attack, moment narrated with impact and claw, and dies. The two hostesses, helped by some passengers, decide to take the body to a place away from the aircraft … giving rise to the most chilling scene of the function. It is not a bad time, but once the movie is seen, it gives a good measure of how far “7500” is in anyone’s territory, as far as terror and fright is concerned. We are in the 30th minute, and the film has already given its best.

Thus, unaware we will be witnesses of how Shimizu plays with the horror movie topics that he himself established – pale skin spirits that inhabit any recess – but, at the same time – it is his work, of the editor, of the producer, or who be the last person in charge – it is cut when it comes to teaching not only casserole, but any minimally spooky element. Also, what Ju-On and The Grudge were right about, introducing the scary element into more everyday habitats like a closet, bed or table, here becomes a bit ridiculous (yes, the castrating assembly seems to imply, for example , that some hands leave the upper luggage compartment of the plane and drag one of the characters).Up to three times we will see how a death ends with a plane of the shouting victim, without at any time we get to see his aggressor or how he attacks. And, when explaining what happens on the plane, we find a character who turns out to be very informed of the oriental culture and finds out at the first. It is hard to believe, of course, that among all the background of an ancient culture like the Japanese, someone is able to identify a legend with so little data. On the other hand, this explanation is very reminiscent of “Ju-On” / “The Grudge”, as if Craig Rosenberg was a Shimizu fan and had tried to make a script to suit him.

Rosenberg’s script seems to want to focus more on human drama but, here, he definitely has nothing to do. The initial minutes that he dedicates to drawing his characters are not bad, but that is why they are a solid base on which to cement a “human” horror story, there is a stretch. So, to these alguras, as spectators what we want is to pass fear. As simple as that.

As we say, terror and suspense shine by its absence in almost all the footage. The scenes border the ridiculous, and the explanations are neither good nor sufficient. But, even so, the end is there to give a final blow of effect … in the viewer’s mood. At this point, it should be forbidden by law to make a movie whose final turn is this one. Seriously. Enough already.

Several soulmates warned me not to devote time to this movie. But I wanted to try. I am not an exquisite palate, I can enjoy many proposals, some quite embarrassing. So I tried. I think 7500 is not worth it. You’ll find more shocks in one of RL Stine’s stories for teenagers; and if you are looking for a story of redemption in the face of an imminent fatal destiny, I play the neck that Spielberg has done before, several times, and much better.

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