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The Best 20+ Action Movies on Netflix Right Now (Must Watch)

The Best 20+ Action Movies on Netflix Right Now (Must Watch)

How fast are the bullets streaming? Will gunpowder jam the tablet speakers? Does a binge of explosions count twice that of a series? Here are the best action movies on Netflix.

We review the best you can find on Netflix in terms of the genre of action. A score of movies to leave you with adrenaline through the clouds.

Choose yours!

The Night Comes For Us (Timo Tjahjanto, 2018)

One of Netflix’s best original productions to date, and also one of the most violent, bloody and electrifying films that cinema has seen in a long time. Are you missing reasons to play?

Hitman (Denis Villeneuve, 2015)

The border between the United States and Mexico is a whole minefield, where not even a well-trained FBI police officer is prepared. The horrors of the drug war (among many others) will leave Emily Blunt knocked out. So much so that, in its sequel, we’ll only see Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin .

Polar (Jonas Akerlund, 2023)

Based on a graphic novel by Valencian Víctor Santos , this original Netflix film promises a dark comiquera aesthetic and a few liters of blood. Mads Mikkelsen leads the cast with two guns in his hand, an eye patch and a lot of anger over him.

Bourne (Doug Liman, 2002)

A modern classic of action cinema, with a young Matt Damon chasing the keys to his own identity. On Netflix we can find the first installment of the saga, the one that started it all, and we move you forward: it’s still as good as we remembered.

Triple Frontier (JC Chandor, 2023)

Original from Netflix, the new film by the director of ‘The most violent year’ brings together some of the most sturdy and fashionable men of the moment: Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal and Garrett Hedlund . There is nothing. Together they intend to steal from a big drug lord. And not everything will go as expected.

The Equalizer (Antoine Fuqua, 2014)

Denzel Washington is not joking in this action movie from the director of ‘Training Day’. Age is not a barrier for the protagonist to kick the asses of the bad guys and try to save innocent people who are in trouble, as is the case with Chloë Grace Moretz .

Unstoppable (Tony Scott, 2010)

There is nothing more exciting in the cinema than having a plot with a train running in the background. From ‘Train to Busan’ to ‘The Train’ by Frankenheimer, and the list goes on and on. Here is Tony Scott who puts his characters in a bind: how to stop a train that goes unbridled with a very dangerous substance inside?

Fast and Furious (Rob Cohen, 2001)

All started here. With this film almost two decades ago, one of the highest grossing sagas of our century was founded, and it is still going on. For those looking for a good adrenaline shot.

Anacleto: Secret Agent (Javier Ruiz Caldera, 2015)

Can there be a Spanish superhero that we are proud of? While we waited for ‘Superlópez’, we did not have a bad representative in Anamanto de Imanol Arias (and Quim Gutiérrez as a young relay, of course), who gave us this action movie with some fighting actions that are pleasing.

Pain & Gain (Michael Bay, 2013)

This may seem like the typical testosterone film of men who are (see picture), beautiful women and cars that explode … and, well, it is. But beware here: its intelligent load of humor makes it an unexpected satire that you cannot miss.

Wanted (Timur Bekmambetov, 2008)

A Angelina Jolie no one will cough. Even less when you give him a gun and let it hang from the car window. In this action movie, where we also enjoy the skills of James McAvoy and the Morgan Freeman cache , you will not lack blows, bullets and blood.

El Nino (Daniel Monzón, 2014)

We have seen a thousand times action movies on the border between Mexico and the United States, or through the streets of Paris, London and New York, but when have we started to look in our own territory? The Gibraltar area, and its drug trafficking and immigration conflicts, are condensed in this electric thriller ‘made in Spain’.

Gladiator (Ridley Scott, 2000)

We move to Roman times in this mythical film, in which Russell Crowe went from soldier to slave to gladiator. And, from there, to challenge an empire. Exciting, violent and thrilling. It will never go out of style.

Group 7 (Alberto Rodríguez, 2012)

At the end of the 80s, when Seville was preparing for the arrival of Expo 92, a group of police officers is responsible for keeping the city clean. With Mario Casas and Antonio de la Torre in front, this thriller will leave you biting your nails.

Ant-Man (Peyton Reed, 2015)

Yes, on Netflix you can find the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy or ‘Thor: The Dark World’ (yikes), but here we recommend you go back to Paul Rudd’s ant-man. Of the most fun and dynamic franchise.

Headshot (Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto, 2016)

Did you like the recent ‘The night comes for us’? Then you have to return to one of the previous films of its director, Timo Tjahjanto, in which he returns to team up with the wonderful Iko Uwais. What a way to fight this man has, Jesus.

Kick-Ass 2: With a couple (Jeff Wadlow, 2013)

If you liked the first part, this will not disappoint you: more punches, more heroism, more parody, more action. The bad? We have lost Nicolas Cage. The good? We have won Jim Carrey. Every cloud has a silver lining.

The Villainess (Byung-gil Jung, 2017)

South Korean thrillers never disappoint. They are masters of the action, and they show it again with this story of a murderer who must leave the weapons and hide, until the secrets begin to come to light. Prepare for large doses of violence.

Shooter: The Shooter (Antoine Fuqua, 2007)

Who can think of scamming an elite sniper? Mark Wahlberg plays a soldier with great aim who plans a relentless revenge against those who have deceived him.

Crank: High voltage (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, 2009)

Second installment of a wonderful, crazy and always undervalued diptych. It’s not better than ‘Crank: Poison in the blood’, but it’s not worse either. A pity that its directors later lowered the level to ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of revenge’.

The Expendables 2 (Simon West, 2012)

After leaving everyone somewhat dissatisfied with the first installment, they managed to recapture the second until they offered exactly what the public wanted: more action, more lapidary phrases and a true shooting scene where Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis shared ammunition and coverage. Also, as a gift, a little while from Chuck Norris and an evil Van Damme that we didn’t know we needed.

‘Face/Off’ (John Woo, 1997)

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage play a terrorist and an FBI agent who swap faces and … What does it matter! Put it!

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