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The Ten Best Erotic Movies on Netflix in 2020

The Ten Best Erotic Movies on Netflix in 2020


The story of a first love of adolescence and the incredible intensity with which the characters played by María Pedraza and Pol Monen live it. Newcomer Esteban Crespo is more interested in showing us the emotional ups and downs of his characters, but he is not shy about showing us the passion of their sexual encounters.

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‘Below Her Mouth’

The fiery story of the relationship between Dallas, a woman who has just left him with his girlfriend, and Jasmine, who thought that her life was destined to take her to the altar with her current partner, a man.


One of the best Pedro Almodóvar movies. In it, Antonio Banderas gives life to a young man who has just left a psychiatric center and decides to kidnap an actress from porn movies with the face of Victoria Abril, with whom he has already slept on one occasion. She doesn’t remember him, but he hasn’t stopped thinking about her all this time. Unforgettable the scene of the diver in the bathtub.



‘Bruna Surfistinha’

Adaptation of the biography of Raquel Pacheco. It all starts with the decision of its protagonist to become a prostitute when he was just 17 years old, documenting his experiences in a blog that became a sensation on the net. Fame soon showed its darker side, leading her to fall into drugs and do almost anything for a dose.

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‘Duck Butter’

Two women spend the night together after meeting at a bar and make a surprising decision. Tired of the usual couple relationships, they choose to lock themselves up for 24 hours each having sex to try to find themselves but also to generate a bond that they have never achieved until now. The Spanish Laia Costa is one of its protagonists.

‘Hot Girls Wanted’

Documentary about the world of porn that went on to be nominated for an Emmy. Directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, it talks about how easy this industry attracts young girls in search of money, takes advantage of them for a time, and then returns them to the real world without being very prepared for it.

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‘Kiki, el amor se hace’

Paco León offers us here five stories linked by the common link of sexual affiliates such as dacryphilia, eliphilia, somnophilia, harpasophilia or polyamory. All this with a clear comic component so that the viewer approaches it as naturally as possible and with a cast full of familiar faces from Spanish cinema.



Second appearance of the Spanish Laia Costa in the list, this time accompanied by Nicholas Hoult. The film directed by Drake Doremus tells how two young people meet through a dating app and they do not take long to start a steamy relationship. The problem is that boredom ends up making an appearance and your way of remedying it is not going to be exactly conventional …

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Documentary about Rocco Siffredi, probably the best-known porn actor of all time. Specifically, he revolves around his last year behind the scenes, offering a look at the porn industry through his eyes.


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