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(SOLVED) MacOS Big Sur: “an error occurred while installing the selected updates”

(SOLVED) MacOS Big Sur: “an error occurred while installing the selected updates”

Apple released macOS Big Sur to the public, and since the software was released, it has had extremely long download times that have prevented many from being able to install it.

Some Apple macOS users are getting an error that “an error occurred while installing the selected updates”. We have a quick and %100 solution.

Even those who have made progress in downloading have encountered problems where the software download process is suddenly interrupted and needs to be restarted. Others have reported that they may download the update and then fail to install. Apple’s site seems to have some major issues due to the number of people trying to download the update at once.

In addition to these Big Sur download problems, Apple’s developer site is also down at the moment, and as a result, some third-party apps cannot be opened at this time.


Perform a SMC reset and even complete reinstall of macOS Catalina with no avail.

It is not clear what is causing the problem. It could be that macOS Big Sur downloads are failing due to a developer site issue or that the developer site is crashing under pressure from demand for OSmacOS Big Sur‌, but it’s clear that those hoping to get the new software should wait until things are more stable.

Apple’s system status page shows a problem with macOS software updates and says the problem is “currently being investigated.”

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